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Janesce is more than ‘just another skin care product’. The whole philosophy is different.

For example, the gentle water-soluble cleansers are used only once a day, and preferably at night to remove the daily build up of pollutants and makeup.

In the morning you are encouraged to soak your skin with water and plant essences (Janesce Soaking Drops). This step is vital and offers your skin many benefits. Soaking gently rinses away impurities, encourages direct skin hydration and maximises your skin’s ability to absorb the plant’s active ingredients by up to 50%.

Think about it. Eliminating the cleansing step in the morning makes sense. After cleansing at night, you sleep, so there may be only a little dust, perspiration and possibly traces of night cream on your skin by morning. Soaking your skin, as part of your morning routine, will gently rinse these away while maintaining your skin’s delicate acid balance and preserving your natural protection.

If you have particularly oily skin or acne you may feel the need for a more thorough cleanse in the morning. In this case, the Janesce Gentle Clearing Wash is recommended to gently absorb excess oil and treat your skin. The plant extracts contained in the Gentle Clearing Wash will rebalance your oil glands, enabling you to reduce your morning cleaning routine, over time.

Another vital point of difference is that Janesce creams are highly concentrated and contain less water than other skin care products. For this reason the moisturising process is divided into two steps; the water phase and the concentrated cream phase.

After soaking the skin, spray Floral Mist onto the still-damp skin, providing it with a soothing and hydrating boost. These benefits are then preserved with the immediate application of a small amount of concentrated day or night cream, aiding deep, effective skin hydration. This approach promotes skin health.

Perhaps the most important point of difference is that the Janesce philosophy encourages you to take time for yourself. This is your time; enjoy it.

Janesce helps you achieve ultimate skin results. You look good and feel good too. You will notice the difference.