I have never felt so confident regarding my skin and the program has been perfect. I have not had any rashes and my skin is just lapping all the goodness up. I have having regular facials with my therapist, Kylie, and I’m just so thrilled and excited to see my skin starting to glow. It’s much deeper than skin care isn’t it…it’s my favourite part of the day…. it’s become part of my ritual.


I am a 52 year old mother of 4 children. All my life I have suffered from dry skin and dermatitis. I have always thought that I looked after my skin by applying moisturisers and night creams however my face was always very tight, dry and often had red patches on it. My skin had also become very thin from many years of using hydrocortisone creams.

One day I decided I would like to try a facial treatment and so I went to see a local beauty therapist, Janice Harold. Janice explained to me that the only product she used was a skin care range called Janesce and this was the range that she used for my facial. After my facial treatment my face felt like it had never felt before, just beautiful, so moist and soft. To my delight I also found that I did not experience any adverse reaction to the Janesce products. Janice suggested to me that, with the help of the Janesce Naturopath, she could put me on a programme that would involve working from the inside and the outside to help heal my skin. I liked this idea and we began working with my Janesce routine.

Over the last four months the improvement in my skin has been incredible; my dry, red, hot skin has gone and I have a radiant complexion. People now say to me; “Your skin looks beautiful today” rather than “What’s wrong with your skin?”. Anybody that suffers with skin problems like I have will know just how irritable it makes you feel and how some days your skin looks so bad that you just want to stay at home. I can now say, with the help of Janesce and Janice Harold, I feel very beautiful. I cannot thank Janice Maclean enough for her advice and continued support, I think it was fate that sent me to her. I would also like to thank Janesce for making such a wonderful product and running such a brilliant, supportive company.

– Val

I discovered Janesce at a time when I had perioral dermatitis and had given up on finding skincare to rectify the condition…I was self conscious about my skin and uncomfortable when I was in close proximity to people that I didn’t know very well especially as people often can’t help but wonder what the rash is on your face – Janesce cleared my dermatitis and it hasn’t returned – I’ve been using Janesce ever since. I love that Janesce draws on nature to develop products and is constantly evaluating the changing needs of my skin as my lifestyle changes and suggests options and adaptions to my skincare regime that work for me. I love that I can see the changes in my skin from using Janesce and that when I try to ‘skip corners’ usually because I’m too busy, I don’t get as good results…after years of trying very expensive skincare brands I finally have the results that I thought I could pay for!

– Helen

I have suffered from eczema for most of my life and have constantly struggled with treatment and ways to help control it. I have tried many different types of treatments including both western and natural medicine but nothing ever relieved my symptoms for a reasonable amount of time. I was aware that I needed to look after myself on the inside as well as the outside. In the past I have taken many different types of plant and fish oils for their Omega content. They always helped but I was blown away at the difference I saw once I started taking Bestow oil. I saw a noticeable difference in the hydration of my skin overall and the irritation and itchiness subsided as a result. The bonus about Bestow oil is that it actually tastes nice! I found it very easy to add into my diet and I love the recipe cards I get every month. Using Bestow oil along with the Janecse skin care products has truly made a significant difference in the condition of my skin.

– Rebecca

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