Get up and go options

As tempting as it might be to leave the house without anything in your stomach, it is not a good idea.
At this time of day your liver is ‘ready to go’ – it is when it is most active and so digestion is at its best. If you do not eat before you begin an active day, then by mid morning you are craving something sweet as your blood sugar drops. Weight management is more difficult if you are relenting to the mid morning cravings.

Little and often is the golden rule to keeping your energy levels up and hunger levels down. So before you step out the door, make sure that you have something in your stomach. If nothing else, eat a banana. They are rich in natural sugars, potassium, and essential vitamins that will sustain you for 2- 3 hours.

If you have 5 mins, smoothies are a very quick and easy way to start the day – just put it all in a blender and blitz! Made and drunk in no time….here are some great smoothie ideas…

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